• Patrick, Mike and Mujah

Team Members

R. Michael Feener (Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies), Principal Investigator

Patrick Daly (Earth Observatory of Singapore), Co-Investigator

Michael Frachetti (Mike) (Washington University), Research Collaborator

Maida Irawani (Era) (Maldives Heritage Survey), Project Manager

Ibrahim Mujah (National Center for Cultural Heritage), Survey Team Field Leader

Jovial Pally Taran (Joe) (Maldives Heritage Survey), Survey Team

Fathimath Maasa (Maldives Heritage Survey), Survey Team

Ahmad Zaki (Maldives Heritage Survey), Survey Team

Mohamed Shamran (Maldives Heritage Survey), Survey Team

Multia Zahara ( Maldives Heritage Survey), Database and Administrative Assistant

Ahmed Zameer (Maldives Heritage Survey), Project Resource Team

Hala Bakheit (Maldives Heritage Survey), Administrative Support

Paula Levick (Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies), Technical Officer

Jessica Rahardjo (University of Oxford), Cataloguer

Shaiha Ahmed Easa (Department of Heritage), Volunteer

Ismail Ashraf (Department of Heritage), Volunteer

Mariyam Isha Azeez (Maldives Heritage Survey), Volunteer

Aminath Mauroof Jameel (Aimee) (Maldives Heritage Survey), Volunteer

Ahmed Ikleel (Ikoo) (Maldives Heritage Survey), Volunteer

Zara Unais (Maldives Heritage Survey), Volunteer

Maahil Saeed (Maldives Heritage Survey), Volunteer

Muna Amina (Maldives Heritage Survey), Volunteer



International Advisory Board

 Mauroof Jameel (Coral Stone Mosque Project, Maldives Department of Heritage)

 Elizabeth Lambourn (De Montfort University)

 Andrew Peacock (University of St Andrews)

 Anne Blackburn (Cornell University)

 Xavier Romero-Frias (Independent Scholar)

Prof. Arlo Griffiths (École française d’extrême-orient)