Magaam fulhu, Kaashidhoo

MHS site number KFA-KSD-8
AddressAssidha, K.kaashidhoo
InterlocutorAli Yoosuf (66 years old)
InterviewerIbrahim Mujah (MHS)
Date12 November 2018

Ali Yoosuf explains, “The building behind me is where the magaamfulhu was and it was stopped being used in the mid of Maumoon Abdul Gayyooms presidency. This magaamfulhu (dwellings where saints or gratified noble people used to stay) was constructed by my father, Yoosuf Ibrahim. This place was decorated and maintained in the old days. 

When my father went to Malé I maintained and took care of the place. I swept the floor, put the flags and cleaned the place. There was a high boundary wall of about 7 to 8 feet around the place. Inside this was the magaamfulhu, which had a bench at the entrance and a small house (Ge’kolhu) with a swing. Nobody, however, could enter this place. People who visited would have to sit on the bench.”