Waqf Endowments

GNI-MAD-MS1 (Karayye Waqfiyya)

This two-page document  establishes the Karayye property as a waqf for the performance of prayers for the Prophet to be held annually during the month of Rabi’ al-Awwal. The document was composed by Ibrahīm Famuladeyri Kilegefanu b. Sulṭān Qiyās al-Dīn.

MLE-ARC-MS1 (F0-1)

Endowment for Ziyaarat to be built at Aidhoo

MLE-ARC-MS2 (F0-2)

Stipulations that a measure (naalhi, equal to about .5 kg) of oil from the coconut palms and other trees at the Eid Miskiiy Dhoruelhi Koshi be given to the madrasa run by Ḥusayn Thakurufānu, and the surplus to Ḥusayn Thakurufānu’s son Muḥammad Thakurufānu and his children.

MLE-ARC-MS3 (F0-35)

This document endows the entire island of Kuramathi as source of revenue for the maintenance of the Kalaafaanu Ziyaarat on Hangnaameedhoo.

MLE-ARC-MS4 (F0-36)

This is a waqf endowment for the mausoleum of Queen Kalhu Kamana Thukkamana binth Ḥasan Ranna Bandeyri Kilegefaanu.

MLE-ARC-MS5 (F0-48)

This document grants a concession to the inhabitants of Hangnaameedhoo, exempting them from royal corvée.

MLE-ARC-MS6 (F0-74)

This document stipulates the amounts of coconuts, coconut oil, coir rope, thatch bundles, and chickens that the population of Hangnaameedhoo is required to supply for the maintenance of the Kalaafaanu Ziyaarat.

MLE-ARC-MS9 (F0-111)

This is a waqf endowment for a mosque commissioned by Queen Kanba Aisha Rani Kilege.

MLE-ARC-MS10 (F0-112)

This document transfers the custodianship of the Kalaafaanu Ziyaarat on Hangnaameedhoo to the collectivity of the inhabitants of that island.

MLE-ARC-MS11 (R-3)

This is a Thaana-script transliteration of an earlier Dhives Akuru-script text that transfers land holdings on Kandoodhoo (Thaa Atoll) from the endowment of the Amina Maava Kilege Mosque in Malé to the Kalaafaanu Ziyaarat on Hangnyaameedhoo (Alif Dhaalu Atoll).

MLE-ARC-MS13 (FO-51)

Waqf endowment for toddy tappers charged with maintaining the Maa Miskiiy on Addu Hulhudhoo, granting them revenue from the island of Burehigitte in Huvadhoo (Gaafu Atoll).

MLE-ARC-MS14 (FO-89)

This document grants land from four plots (Dhonakalo Hinna Falane, Hodhaa Nelhe, Mohanu, Bumbar magu) and 96,000 (= 8 Kottey) cowrie shells as an endowment to the Funadhoo Mosque to be administered by Dhon ‘Alī.

MLE-ARC-MS15 (FO-99)

This is a waqf document (boaga) for the Mahamud Ghazi Miskiyy (mosque) on Meedhoo island in Addu (Seenu Atoll), issued in response to an appeal by the builder of the mosque for its maintenance.

MLE-NMM-MS1 (Isdhoo Loamafaanu)
MLE-NMM-MS1 (Isdhoo Loamafaanu)

The Isdhoo Loamaafaanu consists of 21 copper plates threaded on a ring, each plate measuring 33.1cm x 7cm. The plates are inscribed in the old Eveyla Akuru script with a text in the Dhivehi language.

MLE-NMM-MS2 (Dhanbhidhoo Loamafaanu)

Identified as the 'Laamu Dhanbhidhoo Loamafaanu' by Ali Najeeb, but by H.C.P. Bell as the 'Malé Etherekoilu Laoamafaanu' (The Maldive Islands: Monograph on the History, Archaeology, and Epigraphy. Colombo: Ceylon Government Press, 1940, pp. 180-181.)

MLE-NMM-MS3 (Gan Loamafaanu)

While this text is incomplete, the surviving plates are now somewhat irregular in size due to damage over time.

MLE-NMM-MS4 (Kudahuvadhoo Loamafaanu)

At least one plate is missing at the beginning of the text, as the first surviving plate mentions only that it was composed during the sixth year of the ruler's reign. This set of inscribed copper plates is currently held in the collections of the National Museum in Malé (M 005 / RN 1896).