The Old Isdhoo Mosque (Aasaaree Miskiy)

The Old Isdhoo Mosque (Aasaaree Miskiy) (LAM-IKD-2-S1) was built in 1701 (1113H.) under the commission of Sultan Muhammad b. Hajji Ali Thukkalaa Dhewandu (r. 1692-1701), and is reported to have replaced an earlier, 17th-century coral stone mosque on the same site. The current coral stone carpentry construction comprises a central prayer hall surrounded on three sides by wide verandahs on a plinth ascended on those same three sides by flights of seven steps each. The banisters preserve remnants of elaborate ornamental carvings. The beautiful ceiling of turned wood decorated with red and black lacquerwork is preserved, although the roof above it has been replaced numerous times, and at present is comprised of corrugated metal.

Along the qibla wall is a small chamber that is believed to have been the original repository of the copper-plate mosque inscription known as the Isdhoo Loamafaanu.