Dhonbandaara Miskiiy, Kaafu

The island of Huraa in Kaafu Atoll was the home of Sultan Ghazi Hasan Izz al-Din. Local tradition holds, however, that before he took that title, he had made a vow to build a mosque on his home island as part of a prayer for assistance against an attack from Malabar under the direction of the Ali Raja of Kannanur in 1753.  
While the original structure on this site has been since been replaced, the present Dhonbandaara Miskiiy compound also includes a ziyaarat (mausoleum shrine), as well as a large number of older bisthaan (burial enclosures), and ornamented coral gravestones. Full documentation of the site is available in the MHS database, record numbers associated with site number: KFA-HRA-1.