This section of the website presents 3D renderings of selected sites, structures and objects documented by the Maldives Heritage Survey. All models here are in a medium resolution here in a combination of ‘fly-throughs’ and navigable SketchFab windows to facilitate easy online streaming. We are currently also preparing an online archive where very high-resolution full point-clouds for all 3D scans will be made open-access available. Please watch this space for further updates.

When using any of the information or images from this website in academic publications, print, or elsewhere on the internet, please reference: R. Michael Feener (Ed.). Maldives Heritage Survey (, last accessed: dd/mm/yyyy

Islamic Sites

View mosques, cemetery sites and types of Muslim funerary monuments

Buddhist Sites

View mounds, stupas and other structures from the Buddhist period of the islands

Cultural Artefacts

View a range of artefacts from the Buddhist and other periods

3D Data Sets

Full LiDAR and photogrammetry data sets available for download